Real estate developers Pune are often looking at global design trends while designing their new buildings. Similarly, interior designers also prefer analysing world trends before they help customers create a striking home interior. If you have recently bought a 1 BHK flat in Pune or a 4 BHK flat in Pune, you must be considering your options for designing it in the best possible way. For those who already own furnished flats in Pune and want to redecorate, this is the perfect time to start your redesigning project. We bring you the top trends to look forward in 2017 and ways to incorporate them in your homes:
Let’s Add Some Warmth – Compared to the cool and simple white tones people used in their homes, warm materials like Terracotta will make their way in new-age residences. The natural matte finish will look great in bathrooms or for feature walls in the living room as it will give a unique character and warmth to your home.

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The Greener Side – Navy and midnight blues are now giving way to the dark green – a colour that will definitely uplift your home’s look and feel. You can opt for a dark green wall in the bedroom or choose furniture items of this colour to bring in some outdoors inside your home and make your homes feel naturally beautiful!

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Rewind to Vintage Time – Many home owners are now bringing back vintage style with a modern touch. You can refurbish a classic chair, add a vintage cabinet in your bedroom or go for a light fixture that beautifully integrates classic and contemporary. The fusion of two eras will bring in an exciting contrast to your rooms.
Sleep in Style – Bedheads are making a great impression in modern interior trends. Renowned for hotel beds and celebrity homes, these bedheads are now making their way in many premium 4 BHK flats in Pune. Opt for a neutral colour bedhead in the master bedroom and add some extra glamour and elegance to your private space.

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Your Escape Corner – As technology is invading a major part of our lives, many home owners are now looking for a nook and corner where they can be themselves and escape the wrath of technology. A place without any digital distraction, such corners can be adorned with relaxed furniture like floor rugs, a comfy chair, day beds, etc.

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A Jewel Toned Home – While the pastel shades of pink and blue have been a favourite for years, 2017 may welcome some jewel tones that are inspired by space, metal, clouds, stars and the cosmos. The sparkle will add a special romantic interest in the home and the dazzle will make coming home an extra special feeling.
Whether you’re looking to redo your furnished flats in Pune or want to spice up your new 4BHK flat in Pune with a stunning décor, these new interior design trends will definitely make your home stand out.
Happy Decorating!