As the showers of monsoon have started blessing Puneites, it has rescued us from the scorching heat of summers. However, while we thoroughly enjoy the monsoons, it isn’t a favourite season for flats in Pune.

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It is important to prepare our homes beforehand to avoid any damages inside or outside our beloved spaces. Along with showering joy, monsoons also bring along leaking walls, fungus on furniture or wet floors and a lot more troubles. We bring you some effective tips to maintain your home during monsoons:

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1. Wooden Cupboards – You can put camphor in wooden shelves to reduce the moisture content and prevent your clothes from getting ruined. Keep cloves to prevent smell issues usually associated with damp clothes.
2. Wooden Doors & Windows – They tend to swell during the rainy season due to the excess moisture in the air. Try applying oil or wax to hardwood floors to protect it.
3. Carpets – If you love carpets around your home, this is the time when you need to say goodbye for a few months. Roll up your costly carpets and cover them with plastic sheets to protect them from moisture. You can use bamboo mats or acrylic carpets during this season as a temporary replacement.
4. Leather Sofas – If you proudly own a beautiful leather sofa, it must be cleaned regularly to prevent fungus from growing on it. Try not to keep potted plants indoors as it can increase the dampness in your home.
5. Electrical Wiring – Apartments in Pune are highly susceptible to electrical failures during the monsoons. Always check the electric supply before the rainy season and ensure all wires are properly insulated to prevent possible mishaps.
6. Painting – Check that exterior walls or plaster does not have any crack to make sure rain water does not seep into your home. Also, use weather proof paint for your home exteriors and apply a coat of waterproof or water-resistant product before you paint the internal walls. However, it is important to remember that you can’t renovate your home in the monsoons. Plan it before or after the season.

flats in Pune.

7. Drainage Systems – Get the drainage system checked and cleaned before the rains start pouring in. You can also have a rain gutter or harvesting system near your home to ensure rain water flows easily.
8. Bathroom Tiles & Grills – Check that all gaps in bathroom tiles are sealed and filled. Also, ensure that grills, iron frames, and metal doors are painted well to protect them from rust in this season.
9. Ventilation – Flats in Pune must be well-ventilated by fresh air as humid air can lead to dampness which can pose health hazards.
10. Pest Check-up – Make sure you get regular pest check-ups to ensure there is no termite growth in areas of water leakage or high humidity.
Though monsoons bring along a lot of happiness to us, our homes need extra protection to enjoy the season. These simple and effective tips ensure that every apartment in Pune is ready for the rains!

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