Buying guide to real estate

Over the years buying a home has become everyone’s dream. A lot of sentiments are attached when it comes to owning a home for the family. However the increasing real estate price and the cost of raw materials make the civilians think twice before investing in it. Besides, there are multiple factors like income tax,savings, property tax etc, which need to be considered before investing in real estate.There are many factors to consider and many decisions to make. That’s why, when buying, it’s crucial for you to have all the available resources necessary to make a well-informed decision, together with the time required to make complete use of them.

Pune still largely remains a buyer’s market with the property prices increasing at a higher rate than rental rates. The vast improvement in the job opportunities in the past also contributed a lot to the property prices as a lot of professional also were keen to buy a property and intended to settle down in the city.

Some of the top projects in Pune are at situated in areas like Hadapsar, Kondwa and are found to have cheaper property rates and proven to be affordable for the individuals having income between 6-15 lacs per annum.

Generally, finding and purchasing a real estate includes the following steps:-

1.Research Your Options, Define Your Goals and Make Your Plans:-

Given that buying a home in Pune is such a big step, it is more important for you to educate and prepare yourself as much as possible in advance. This means clearly determining why you’re buying and what kind of Properties in Pune you’re looking forward for.As buying and financing a home are so closely related, it also means examining your current financial situation and projecting how much you can afford.

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2.Why Pune?

Pune is situated to the west of Maharashtra and is the eighth largest metropolis in the country. Considered as the second largest city of Maharashtra, Pune is tagged as one of the fastest developing urban territory of India. One of the historical cities of the nation, Pune is endowed with a shining past, a ground breaking present and an auspicious future.After Bangalore, Pune has emerged as the potential destination to cater the growing number of IT companies in the country.Considered as an end-user market, the real estate prices in Pune are drastically increasing and the prices are supposed to touch the sky in the coming time.

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3.Who are the Top Builders in Pune?

Buying a flat in today’s era has become difficult, as end person is having a vast variety of builders to choose from. So it’s Important for him to have a survey about the Top Builders in Pune and then choose from the best among them. However, with all the unique opportunities and potential pitfalls of the current market, it’s even more important for him to visit the Builders office and check what extra he has to offer him.

4.View the projects and select the one:

Simply starting the home search process is knowing what you’re looking for and in which area you are likely to settle down and then choose Top Properties in that area.

Here are few recent facts about the search process that might help you in the searching process :-

  • Almost 90% of buyers use the internet to search Home.
  • The typical buyer searches for 12 weeks and visits 12 sites.
  • 81% of buyers find real estate agents useful in the search process.

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5.If you select your home then know about society Amenities:

While searching fora flat, the following points needs to be considered before finalizing i.e.society formation, electricity meter, parking space, health club, swimming pool maintenance charges, and any other payment that you are expected to make. Getting lower base rate should not be at the cost of paying higher rates for other amenities.

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